Vietnam YILI Technology Corp. in Vietnam Has Been Transfering Following Manufacturing Industry
Post date: 2016-08-20

Vietnam YILI Technology Corp. which is following manufacturing industry,based on the rapid service and meeting market demand,emerges in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam! It is served nowadays and future! Sincere service in metal plates and paint,improvement and programme to automation and intelligence! Clients are cooperative to innovate new productivity and competitiveness!

Vietnam YILI Technology Corp.

Where does manufacturing industry transfer to?Where does it also transfer to?Where is its final destination?Maybe it is the best products in outer space.Europe and America(60 years ago) transferred to Japan,Korea,and then Taiwan(30 years ago),finally transferred to China(fast transferred in 2013),Southeast Asia and India.The next destination is Africa or the sequence flows backwards!The other words,Southeast Asia and India transfer back to China,Japan and Taiwan,and then transfer back to Europe and America.It is believed that intelligent manufacturing enables to alter the manufacturing.You dare,we dare!Come on!


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HuJing Industry Area,HeTian Avenue,HouJie Town,Dongguan City Guangdong Province,China.

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