R&D on The Basis of High-End Intelligent Devices,Undertake Solutions of Implied Systems of Robots​
Post date: 2016-08-20

YILI is an integrator who creates the professional intelligent manufacturing systems making use of "Made With Wisdom" on the basis of serving the intelligent manufacturing of shoemaking industry and fasion industry,which high-quality designs and software teams of intelligent equipments are regarded as our core competitiveness.Welcome to professional designers of intelligent equipment,software developers,marketing professionals and industrial elites!If you have dream, have a unlimited talent, there are infinite stage, welcome to join our team.!Welcome to enter our site,en.yilimac.com.

Dongguan YILI Technology Co.,Ltd

Innovation leads to development,"Made With Wisdom" changes "Made In China"!Dongguan YILI Technology Co.Ltd is a parent company of R$D,production of high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment and serving automatic equipment not only in Guangdong province but all over the world,and its main business is high-end shoemaking machines.We undertake the solutions of implied systems of robots and the integrated solution between the intelligence of production workshop and the intelligent logistic system!


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