How big is the intelligent automation line of casual shoes in Italy?
Post date: 2018-09-20

International high ground to take a new generation of industrial robot, the ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance jointly issued the robot industry development planning, will provide better opportunities for development of the robot industry, improve enterprise's capacity for independent innovation, breakthroughs in new materials, new perception, cutting-edge technology and the key technology such as intelligent control, speed up the technology research and development of a new generation of industrial robots and prototype production.
According to the statistics of shenzhen robot association, the annual cost of industrial robot products is about 50,000 yuan based on the depreciation of 10-year service life, while the annual cost of three mature welding technicians is at least 216,000 yuan. When an industrial robot produces the same benefit, the input cost is 23% of the labor cost. This ratio will greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of enterprises and provide broad space for enterprises to make profits.

Industrial robot production line

At present, China also attaches great importance to intelligent manufacturing and robotics. Multiple departments are pushing forward the development of robot industry, and promoting the development of self-owned robot industry from the aspects of top-level design, demonstration application and talent cultivation. The supporting policies are more and more comprehensive and detailed.
It clearly puts forward that "high-end numerical control machine tool and robot" is one of the key areas to be vigorously promoted, and proposes that the development of the robot industry should "revolve around the application of industrial robots such as automobile, machinery, electronics, hazardous materials manufacturing, chemical industry and light industry, promote the development of robot standardization and modularization, and expand market application.
It breaks through the bottlenecks of key components such as the robot body, reducer, servo motor, controller, sensor and driver, and system integration design and manufacturing. These will help Chinese robot enterprises to break through the technical bottleneck and improve the industrial capacity.

This video is an automatic production line of casual shoes made by illi automation technology co., LTD. The output per hour is 120-150 pairs. Can improve production efficiency for shoe factory, save labor.
Shoe industry intelligent manufacturing system design scheme can be customized according to customer requirements and process standards. Including output! With MES and chip RFID management system, it is suitable for small batch production and multi-variety production. Meet the diverse needs of customers! Yili automation technology co., LTD. Professional services for you! Provide overall solution!


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