TYL-750 Hydraulic Heel Seat Laster By Tacks
IProduct Introduction

    YL-750 Hydraulic Heel Seat Laster By Tacks

    Technical Feature:

    1. Adopt Italian advanced technique;

    2. Very simple to use;

    3. Extreme quickness for the work changes;

    4. Versatility on the arrangement of the most particular exigencies;

    5. Excellent reliability;

    6. High productivity;

    7. Completely hydraulic functioning;

    8. Noiseless tacking;

    9. Work possibility with 22 tacks or with 26 tacks;

    10. Tacking of the heel seat with inclined drivers for a better;

    11. Clinching of the tacks;

    12. Tack pot arranged for the use of 2 different lengths of tacks;

    13. Last post for special lasts;

    14. Last post outward movement;

    15. Last post with special flexing for delicate uppers;

    16. Last post with sdjustable ring nut;

    17. Adjustable heel band pressure;

    18. Adjustable wipwers speed and position;

    19. Wipers with adjustable temperature;

    20. In/out adjustable tacking position;

    21. PLC contrilled processor.

    Dimension: L80*W12*H200cm

    Weight: 930kgs

    Voltage: 380v

    Power: 2.9kw

    Capacity: 3200Pairs/8h


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